hard tissue

Applicable in both Hard and soft Oral Tissues

Dentaray CO2 9.6 µm combines high absorption and low reflectance coefficients and shallow absorption depth in hydroxyapatite. This characteristic makes Dentaray the ideal laser for efficient and quick ablation of hard dental tissues.

Dentaray CO2 9.6 µm is able to quickly ablate both enamel and dentin without peripheral thermal damage or heat accumulation damage.

Dentaray CO2 9.6 wavelength’s high absorption in water and collagen will also enable effective soft tissue surgery with excellent hemostasis.

Hard Tissue:

hard tissue
hard tissue

Caries Removal & Cavity Preparation / Very Fast Ablation

Dentaray CO2 9.6 µm used in super pulse mode (micro-second pulse duration ranges) rapidly removes the desired caries tissue, without any post-operative complications. Thus, it is ideal for fast caries removal & cavities preparation.

soft tissue
soft tissue

Bone application

Dentaray CO2 9.6 µm can be applied on bone for cutting, shaving, contouring and resection. In vitro studies determined that bone ablation with CO2 9.6 µm (with different microsecond pulse parameters) is possible due to the higher absorption by the mineral component inside the bone. Moreover, researchers estimated that this laser speed of cutting is most likely superior to other devices or other lasers wavelengths.  See also Scientific Background.

With Dentaray CO2 9.6 µm, bone surgery can be performed fast and precisely, without any damage to the surrounding bone tissues or any post-operative complications.

Soft Tissue:

Soft Tissue vaporization without any carbonization

The ultra-short pulses combined with the high peak power of Dentaray laser enables the Incision, Excision, Vaporization of soft oral tissue without thermal damage to adjacent structures, optimal coagulation/hemostasis and no extension of tissue necrosis.